Snow Hill Baptist Church

When I Had More Hair

Like circa 1994.

Last week the Memories feature of Facebook alerted my mother to a photo of me, Patty, Kimberly, and Tommie from 1994. One of the first things you notice, other than my not-so-stylish look, is more hair. Some people lose hair as a result of stress. Others … Continue reading

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The Lights Are Flickering – What’s A Church to Do?

Power went out at our house Friday night. We were not alone. Thousands lost power. Some are still waiting on electric companies to turn the lights back on.

Friday afternoon we suffered another loss. The power went out. There is no more waiting for her. The power that raised … Continue reading

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Snow Hill Launches Re-Designed Website … Still In Progress

Snow Hill Baptist Church, the local church I enjoy serving with and the greatest church in the Country as I like to put it, launched its re-designed website the first week of December. It is still a work in progress but is coming along quite nicely. I wanted … Continue reading

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