Spencer Burke

Friday Photo – View

How to break the summer heat wave in Oklahoma? Respond to an invitation to head West.

My friend Spencer invited me out for what I termed a “workation.” In the spirit of the “neologism,” I could not view the invitation to help work on a new project as merely … Continue reading

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Soularize 10 Years Later – Glad for Friends

The beginning of “the edge of the inside” dates back more than ten years ago. Back then the first iteration of this website was on Blogger under the name, Just Todd.

It would take some time to tell the story, but participating in a seminar led by Grant … Continue reading

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Subverting the Norm – Against Silos, Part the Second

Everyone has a pet name for his or her grandparent or great grandparent. One set of great-grandparents we referred to as “Granny and Pa on the Farm.” Yes, it is stating the obvious to note they lived on a farm. When we would make the drive to southern Kansas … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Framing

My friend Spencer, as well as instructor photographer Hugh Scott, described a way to frame in the camera using the elements in the scene you want to capture. Here I am hoping to capture one of my favorites, the reflection, the structures above and below the water … Continue reading

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