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Statistics and Stories in the Tuttle Times

My recent article in the Tuttle Times includes this line, “We tend to believe the stories statistics tell us.” (p.7) The various polls related to Election 2012 illustrate. In fact, some of us believe certain polls are used to tell the story the network chooses.¬†You could argue this … Continue reading

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Jesus In Real Life – Recent Article for the Tuttle Times

I enjoy writing a regular piece for our local newspaper, The Tuttle Times. My assignment is “religion, spirituality.” The recent piece, Jesus In Real Life, connected how we love and are loved with Steve Carel’s character, Dan Burns, in Dan In Real Life.


Dan attempts to

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Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

Marty Duren once told me he learned the rhythms of blogging by paying attention to site traffic. I do not always abide that advice. I tend to write when the subject comes to me. Sometimes my personal schedule means posts go live at odd times. In the event you … Continue reading

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A Life Metaphor – My Regular Column Titled

Last week I solicited readers of The Edge of the Inside to suggest a title for a regular column I have been asked to write for the Tuttle Times on religion/spirituality. Those of you who left a suggestion let me say, “Thank you.” And, you offered some excellent suggestions. … Continue reading

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