Thoughts from the Edge

Thoughts from the Edge – Seeing the World In a Whole New Way

The week got by me and I did not get my usual podcast up offering a reflection on one or more of the Lectionary texts for the week. This week I will offer a brief written thought.

When you see the world, what do you see? In our current … Continue reading

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Amos/Herod Mashup – Thoughts from the Edge

Sometimes reading two things there is an interesting intersection. Reading the Lectionary texts from Amos and Mark created such an occasion for me. Amos and Herod, who is a main player in the Mark passage, offer a way of wrestling with our chosen way of living. Here are some … Continue reading

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Eyes – Thoughts from the Edge

Learning often comes by watching, especially watching the hands. Much of what I learned about cars, plumbing, roofing, and electrical wiring, I learned from my Dad. When I read the Psalm for this week, Psalm 123, I could not help but think of watching Dad’s hands at work.

The … Continue reading

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Thoughts from the Edge – Acts of Grace

The heat here is oppressive. Those without any kind of conditioned air will be under an alert for the THI (Temperature Humidity Index). Warnings have been issues. Suffering in this heat will be common. Either age or existing medical condition will create the circumstance for difficulty. We can be … Continue reading

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Seeing Through the Heart – Thoughts from The Edge

First impressions. We often live by them. We often are embarrassed by them. Samuel learned something about the heart of God after concluding first impressions with Jesse’s sons. How would it look for us to look through our hearts when seeing the other person? We might not be so … Continue reading

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