Amos/Herod Mashup – Thoughts from the Edge

Sometimes reading two things there is an interesting intersection. Reading the Lectionary texts from Amos and Mark created such an occasion for me. Amos and Herod, who is a main player in the Mark passage, offer a way of wrestling with our chosen way of living. Here are some … Continue reading

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John Franke on the Plurality of Truth

Inter-nicene squabbles are not new. When it comes to truth we face the task of attempting to explain the diversity of Christian traditions for the “one” church of Jesus Christ. John Franke offers a glimpse into his forthcoming book in a blog post over at Adam Cleveland’s website.… Continue reading

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You Think You have the truth …

It began, well I cannot really remember when it began. Maybe it was the incessant “matter-of-fact” certainty espoused by some only to discover the “matter-of-fact” did not influence the ethics of these elite former heroes of mine. Maybe it was closer to home. Could be it was the idea … Continue reading

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The Loss of Truth Affects Us All

Leonard Pitts Jr. offers a solid reflection on the toll political sniping takes on truth. It seems anyone may now purport to be another person, write a scandalous piece and mis-represent the truth. When that hit Pitss he wrote,

The brazenness of it struck me. That, and a

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