Tuttle Library

I Am Voting “Yes” – Tuttle Library Question

Voting is now done by secret ballot. Only if a person declares their own action publicly will anyone know how a vote is cast. Today, I am voting for the Tuttle Library. The advantages to our community with the vote for Tuttle to participate in the Pioneer Library System outstrips what meager increases come in ad valorem and local sales taxes. If a family would choose not to eat two meals out over the course of the year it would likely cover the cost increase. Add in the commitment of the City of Tuttle to make space for a library in the soon to be built City Hall and what is left is for the citizens of Tuttle and the patrons in the Tuttle School District to add their “Yes” vote.

Unfortunately this is not the first vote for a library in Tuttle. But, it can be the first “Yes” vote.

Click the “Read More” for the “Fact Sheet” distributed by the Friends of the Tuttle Library.

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