Good Friday – Holy Moly

If you have young children or grandchildren, like me, you may find the Holy Moly videos from Sparkhous worth checking out.

Cohen Alan Live

He knows what he is singing. We don’t. One of these days we will understand what he is singing when he gets his consonants and vowels in an order that reaches our ears. In the meantime, clips of either Cohen or Max are never long enough. Here is our singer and ukulele player in, Cohen Alan Live.

Always good for what ails us.

Ring Around Cousin

I just learned my cousin Diane had her first grandchild – Tillie Diane. Congratulations! We had both the grands over for lunch Sunday. Cohen and Max were about to leave when a game of “Ring Around Cousin” broke out.


Writing Music – Sigur Ros

I enjoy writing to Sigur Ros’. Some may find it distracting. Here is a video from their recent release. The English title is, “Moving Art.”

Dancing with Death Cab for Cutie – Weekly Video

Two years ago Patty and I were gifted a trip to Alaska from Snow Hill. We had talked about learning to dance. One of the cruise ship activities included dance classes. You don’t know what kind of challenge this is for me. Generally coordinated when it comes to sports, I make the would be dancing stars look professional from the start.

We had a ball! On a couple of evenings we watched others ballroom dance. I distinctly remember this more mature couple. The harmony in their steps was nothing short of amazing. We had fun watching.

We plan to take lessons in the future. This week’s weekly video features Death Cab for Cutie’s, “Stay Young, Go Dancing,” from their newest Codes and Keys. Read More