Typography with Taylor Mali

A great video project using the poetry of Taylor Mali. Put together by Ronnie Bruce.
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Sometimes Things Are Hard to Say – Avett Brothers

Words often do not come easy. Not just the three the Avett Brothers sing about. Too often we miss occasions to say what is important. Many reasons fill our minds. Then on occasion they are filled with regret.

Sometimes I wonder how hard it has become for the Church … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright on Reading the Scriptures

Since I was a child growing up in a Southern Baptist Church we talked about reading the Bible. I recall being challenged to read the Bible through in a year. Those first couple of times found me mired down in the book of Numbers. Finally I pushed through. Today … Continue reading

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What’s Your Story?

Recently youth from Snow Hill produced a short video around the theme of their recent Justice Now. “What’s Your Story?” provided the framework to think about their story as it relates to the story of God. Even more, youth learned to consider others’ stories and how the story of … Continue reading

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Speaking of Non-Violent Revolution

U2 prods others to consider peaceful, non-violent resistance in the face of injustices. Last night they mentioned Iran and Burma.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Have you seen U2’s recent 360 Tour? Thoughts? Impressions?

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