If They Are Still Tallying Votes . . . UPDATE

UPDATE: The polls are still open. Head over and vote!

Generally we know when the polls close. In this contest I am not sure. So, in the event the polls over at SBC Voices are still open for voting in their SBC Blue Collar Blog Madness 2012 Edition, then how about a couple of endorsements that came via the process.

Guy Rittger March 28, 2012 at 11:24 am

As a recovering former Southern Baptist, I have to credit Todd Littleton (a classmate of mine at Oklahoma Baptist University) and his “The Edge of the Inside” blog for rekindling my interest in / engagement with my lapsed Christian experience. Todd deftly balances intellectual rigor and honesty, with pragmatism and compassion for people of all persuasions, contributing precisely the kind of perspective typically lacking in SBC discourse in particular and Evangelical discourse in general.

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Final Four – Vote for Me One More Time . . . and more of you

I made the final round of the SBC Voices Blog Madness. Many of you have voted for me in the first two rounds. I need you to vote again. And, for many of you, I need you to go over and vote for the first time. The competition is stiff. The leader had twice the votes. In fact, I had the least amount of votes. So, calling all friends in all networks – Baptist or not. Take the quick clicks over and vote for me. Yes, that is a shameless promotion.

Vote for Me Again – Really

Sweet Sixteen! Could this be a bracket buster? Yes, you helped me advance to the round of 16 in SBCVoices’ Blue Collar Blog Madness. Let’s see if you can help me advance to the next round. Click over and vote in the Southwest Region. Tweet it. Facebook it. Share it.

I know that some of you care little about Baptist blogging. But, in the spirit of fun navigate over and help me represent the edge of conversations that often take place in the center.

In this round – you can only vote once. Increase your influence by enlisting others to vote for The Edge of the Inside.

Vote for Me – Really

Dave Miller and those over at SBC Voices included me and this blog in their 2012 Blog Madness, dubbed Blue Collar Blog Madness. Someone must have nominated me as the lead up to this year’s contest included a call for nominations. I have been included in the “Southwest Regional.” So, click over and “Vote for me.” Yes, this is a shameless self-promotion. You know the old saying, “If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will.” 😉

You don’t have to be a Southern Baptist to vote – you just need an internet connection and a willingness to go over and “vote for me.” I will give you something to think about. My guess is that I would be particularly located among the entire field of those included in this “Baptist Bloggers” context. So, let’s see how many of my readers and Facebook friends will head over and “vote for me.”

(Non) Voting As A Challenge to Power – One Non-vote Voter’s Reflection

A couple of weeks ago the Ex-Reverend sent over several interview questions for a story in anticipation of Oklahoma’s Super Tuesday primary. Greg rightly wondered how Oklahoma’s Christian, Evangelical, voters might view Mitt Romney – a Mormon. You may read the piece here. He offers a lengthier discussion here.

Guy Adams, Los Angeles correspondent for the Independent (UK), read the Gazette piece and sent me a complimentary email with an invitation. He would be in town just before Super Tuesday and wondered if I would be available for an interview. We worked out the details and Guy was our guest at Snow Hill this past Sunday. He and I then enjoyed lunch in Norman before his next interview with Charles Kimball. You may read Guy’s article here.

Now that the dust has settled from Super Tuesday here in Oklahoma it seems clear that on some level Mitt’s religion was more problematic than Santorum’s. Evangelicals carried the vote – but not all Evangelicals. Neither received my vote.

I met Patty at our polling location after work Tuesday. All daylong I wondered whether or not I would even cast a vote. Read More