Wagon Wheel Gap

Candid Camera

She does not like me taking her photograph. We reached the end of the road leading to Seven Parks Peak. Our goal was to find the place Tommie and I had jeeped several years before. When we were in the area in July we did not find it. But, on a hunch, we turned up a trail where the weather had rubbed out the number. We reached the end and happened upon a walking trail, #831 I think. We parked the Jeeps and went ahead on foot.

After a walk we found it. Our aim was to find the view of Wagon Wheel Gap. We were somewhere near Snowshoe Mountain and Copper Mountain. I have tried to find the trail online with no success. But, the view was amazing. We rested in the thin air. Patty sat on an old tree stump and was laughing about something when I snapped this candid shot. What a beauty!


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