Did you ever ask your parents if you could open up just one present before Christmas? Maybe you got to choose one on Christmas Eve. Over time our culture of immediacy appears to have influenced the church in a way that it strips the Season of Advent of the occasion to prompt us to wait and reflect. For what are we waiting? What do we notice in the world around us? What would the connection be between the two if we stopped and waited.

Friday Photo – In the Contrails

The heat is on. Last summer we endured more consecutive days over 100° than in my memory, maybe recorded history for Central Oklahoma. Not so this summer. But, we are in the days of heat advisories and it looks like we will share in 100°+ temperatures through the middle of next week. These days have me longing for the mountains, specifically Colorado.

Our recent trip over the 4th of July is still quite fresh on the mind. I remember turning north on 149 toward Creede from Southfork and watching the temperature gauge on the dash drop steadily. By the time we stopped the afternoon high was 51° and a light rain. Who in the midwest U.S. wouldn’t take those temps this afternoon?

When my friend Jordon reminds me how cold it gets in Saskatoon. I should remind him how hot it gets here. Recently he noted 28.8° C (approx.  84° F) was enough to long for other places. I imagine most who will come by the merchandise trailer in Enid this afternoon would take the temperature in Saskatoon. Read More

Friday Photo – Waiting

On our way from San Cristobal Verapaz to Antigua we stopped for breakfast. The owner crafted an oasis of sorts for his guests. We enjoyed the company of a beautiful peacock. The landscaping beyond the restaurant highlighted the beauty of the landscape.

Located adjacent our table was a seating area where customers could enjoy an open fire. The light shining in the window created fascinating shadows. I could not help but think the place was waiting. I imagined the life shared around the open flame and wondered how long the space would wait. Surely stories would be told, laughs shared.

These are the sorts of spaces and places the open up friendship. Read More

Friday Photo – Waiting for Work

Tractors intrigue me. Growing up a city boy I recall riding my first tractor on a Kansas farm. Years later I would drive my first tractor in southwest Oklahoma. Each year Tuttle hosts an annual Ice Cream Festival. Parade highlights include the variety of tractors entered by the local Tractor Club.

Recent travels created this opportunity to capture another tractor. I could not help but think the tractor was waiting for work. Keeping an eye on the crop as it were.


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Friday Photo – Waiting for Someone

Recently Patty and I celebrated our 28th Wedding Anniversary. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast outside of Muenster, TX. We shared dinner and breakfast at this table on a landing outside our room.

People spend their lives waiting for someone. On occasion we find that someone for whom we wait. Like this table that invites guests, it is a welcome experience when another welcomes us.

I could not help but think about this table as I sat at another table with a friend this week. He has found in others those who welcome him despite and in spite of his experiences. And, around the various tables he sits at from week to week, I am convinced he meets Jesus.

Here is to my family at Snow Hill who seems always poised to wait for someone and be the someone for whom others wait living their lives as Jesus would were he them.

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