Walter Brueggemann

On My Soapbox or, Choose a Pattern to Protest the System

We all use the soapbox. Given the current Election Cycle we hear many on their soapbox. Preachers are no exception. Read More

Sponsoring Conversations and Shout Outs

I have never owned a pair of Beats. When I was gifted my iPod years ago I used the provided earbuds. That was until just two years ago.

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An Uneasy Agent of the State: Part 3, Pastor as Prophet (Continued)

Where would we be had we taken seriously the reality that marriage as practiced is indeed a civil union? The purview of the State would be clearer and the role of the Christian community would be evident. Read More

Legitimizing Power, The Poor, and Jesus

What symbols get used to legitimate power? Maybe The Whitehouse is used by some to legitimate democracy in a Country where it appears we are ruled by an Oligarchy. Read More

The Disruptive Prophet

Equilibrium serves most of us well. Its experience provides a sense of balance, or at least rhythm. When forces tip the scale in one direction ore the other we may find ourselves off balance, our equilibrium is disrupted. Maybe we need more disruption to find peace. Read More