No Place to Play – Friday Photo

A little more than three years ago I posted this photo. The fellow in the photo would have been in this week’s Friday Photo. If there were water. After a prolonged drought there is no place to play. Hoping we receive enough water to enjoy the skill and … Continue reading

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Traversing Boundaries, Story, and the Way of Jesus

Sometimes the story is within the story. For instance, the Miracle at the Wedding in Cana often becomes the locus for a debate about alcohol, at least in my tribe, or the elusive Jesus, a reference to Jesus’ self-disclosure as, “not yet my time.” If not those then it … Continue reading

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Shockwave Lithotripsy

I don’t know if this is the exact machine, but today is Round 2. What began September 16 will hopefully come to an end by Saturday, November 17.

Lesson: Drink lots of water and lemonade, lots and lots and lots . . .… Continue reading

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