Friday Photo – Old Church in Creede, CO

People battle the heat in a variety of ways. When the seven-day forecast shows triple digits, I pull out the photos of Colorado. Creede is in the 60’s this week. It follows this time of year there is always the possibility of a rain shower in the afternoons there. … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Village View

We stood nearly breathless. Not from the altitude. It was the view. When we consider what we have and don’t have, not many of us look our across the way and take in a vista like this. Beauty.

Bill, Consuelo, and Dolores took us to the village about which … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – First Swim

Would he love it or hate it? The verdict is in. On his maiden trip to the pool, Cohen Alan loves the water.

Fitting nicely into his shade float, Cohen enjoyed the water and the attention of his second cousins. He awaits the arrival of his first cousin for … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Cohen Loves Water . . . In Yellow

We faced down and survived the snowpocalypse of the last two weeks here in Oklahoma. While it may be normal for Saskatchewan or Chicago, we do not normally get these kinds of snow. Generally we experience layers of ice with a little bit of snow. Not this go … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Always Running

Boyd Hunt liked the word “always.” Dr. Hunt taught at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He had a way of putting eschatological issues in perspective. Navigating the always predictive nature of conversations that circle these matters he inserted the word, “always.” So, when the claim would come in 1988 that … Continue reading

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