Friday Photo – In the Contrails

The heat is on. Last summer we endured more consecutive days over 100° than in my memory, maybe recorded history for Central Oklahoma. Not so this summer. But, we are in the days of heat advisories and it looks like we will share in 100°+ temperatures through the middle … Continue reading

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Dear Local Television Stations . . .

Please help. You have caused a great deal of suffering since before 4 a.m. when you began your coverage of the Snowpocalypse. We know that Cormac McCarthy is on your nightstand and you are waiting to tell the story of the “White Road” out of Snowmageddon. But your ongoing … Continue reading

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Already a “State of Emergency”

Sometimes we make decisions in anticipation of what will be. When the “news alert” came by email to my phone I wondered just what it would be like were the threatening “Snow-mageddon” approaching my friend Jordon in Saskatoon. Yesterday I read,

With the wind it was –35 degrees

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