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The weather here in flyover Country belies that it is December 1. Several churches in our area will join together to provide food to about 400 families this morning. Cooperation where we are often perceived as competing. Thanks to Ridgecrest Baptist Church, and Pastor David Rivers, for the invitation.

Not of This World – For Christ the King Sunday – “Attention has turned to Christmas. We have yet to reach Advent. The disjointed feeling may stem from just how much we need to recognize Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world. Maybe, that we should let Jesus deconstruct our visions of kingdom.”

The HCSB Study Bible, Holman Christian Standard Bible – God’s Word for Life, A Brief Review – “The HCSB Study Bible, or as Ed Stetzer describes it, The Hard Core Southern Baptist Bible, aims to provide both a translation and accompanying material for a new era. According to the publisher “each generation needs a fresh translation,” and “rapid advances in biblical research provide new data for translators.” (Introduction)

The Past Tugs and the Future Pulls – Advent Beginnings – “I found this short post from three years ago pointing toward the First Sunday in the Season of Advent. I am reposting as the theme still persists.”

The Eschatological Necessity of Advent – “Yet, the energy exerted in a cultural war of words still leaves people jobless, homeless, and imperiled. Were we to really be interested in Merry Christmas, we would undertake material expressions of our ethereal, esoteric convictions. That you miss Merry Christmas in response to your greeting at the cash register hardly comports with living in sacrificial service to others.”

Simple Answers Don’t Work for Some People – “Many readers whose experience did not include a period where every question was met with a sure answer do not necessarily grasp what it means when I title this post, Simple Answers Don’t Work for Some People. In fact, I would venture a guess that some high profile Christians who are often accused of residing somewhere outside of orthodoxy represent those for whom simple answers quit working.”

Artists Advent Project – Guest Post – “The idea is simple. Create something and give it away. Public Domain style. The generosity reflects God’s nature and the Spirit of the season, and usually has another consequence: the multiplication effect of reaching far more people with our creativity than is possible otherwise.”

First Collection – Friday Photo

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