Will Someone Please Remind the Church It is Quirky or, There Are No Families That Have It All Together

The rest of the blogosphere is parsing Doug Wilson’s words, Rachel Held Evans’ reactions, and Jared Wilson’s apology. Some Southern Baptists, my tribe, are doubling down on their infallible interpretations that others should quickly get if they just read the print on the page. Meanwhile, what my friend Micheal Toy writes about occurs with startling frequency, everywhere.

Your Church does not have it together. Families in your church don’t have it together. And, to pretend they do so that you don’t have to learn to share life with those not the same as you only leaves you looking hostile and not hospitable. (Ephesians 2)

If reading the following does not prompt you to click over and read Michael’s thoughts, consider yourself deluded.

I tell you this fairy tale because today there are Facebook photos of a youth group having an “awesome time”, and young men who used to be friends with my magical five dimensional son, are now living their very exciting, awesome, together lives without him, and I am sad.

Michael’s not so Fairy Tale.

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