Will There Be Blood or, SBC Proxy Wars

When Southern Baptists get together we talk about blood, the blood of Jesus. The 2012 Pastor’s Conference provided opportunity to hear from long time SBC voices, new young voices, and even an outsider who we learned would like to be an insider. For two days the talk was about Jesus.

Today marks the beginning of the Convention meeting. We will talk about blood no less. But, it will be implied rather than explicit. Of course there will be references to Jesus – his life, mostly his death, and resurrection. But, the covert operations that may be witnessed with little or no overt connection will be the usual proxy wars.

A number of years ago entity heads called something of a truce. Rather than attempt to manage all other SBC institutions these Presidents agreed to a unified front and that they would bite their tongues rather than suggest what another President should do, should have done, or should not have done. Yet, we always hear rumblings, rumors, that these habits and tactics continue but via proxy wars.

I would venture a guess there is at least one file in every SBC entity, even State Convention Executives, President’s office where they keep correspondence from another such leader noting grievances, disagreement, and maybe even a scolding. No one talks about it publicly. But, I would be willing to wager a Cafe Du Monde beignet and a Cafe Au Lait.

I hope that today is about individual convictions not voices airing others’ convictions for them. I hope today we will take actions consistent with the messages we heard yesterday. But, if the past is any indication of the future, there will be blood.

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