Working out and working it out …

Friday I made my usual trek in from an early morning of basketball. My pick-up team went 1-2 that morning. Every game was close. Paul, an unlikely hero, sunk the winning shot in the final game so we would not go home thrice defeated.

On mornings Lyle was not at the station we would work out after I got back to Tuttle. I thought about going ahead and working out. I decided to wait until Monday (today). The drive was reflective as I considered my normal routine. I turned the little car up Highway 4 (Mustang Road) and headed toward the house when the radio played Rod Stewart’s, “Have I Told You Lately that I Love You.” Daniel had put a video together for the memorial service using that song – a favorite of Lyle and Evette’s.

Rather than head home, I drove the little car to the barn where we would normally work out. I thought I would just go in and sit a spell. I opened the door and found CB and Janet (Lyle’s parents) working out. I walked in and sat down on one of the three benches. I could hardly speak. I wept. We all understood. Janet went to the house. CB and I talked for about 30 minutes. The conversation was enjoyable and may have been just the work out I needed. CB encouraged me to continue to coming to the barn. I assured him I would.

This morning I made my way over to the barn/shop. I worked out for about 45 minutes. CB showed up not long after I had arrived. We worked out together. Some of the time in silence (actually to the dull dialogue of the television) and some of the time in conversation. We talked about dads and their boys. CB reminisced of days spent playing tennis on the very spot we were now exercising. He talked of the need for dads to spend time doing anything with their boys – he enjoyed doing so with his. CB had missed that with his father. He made up for it with his boys.

We talked about trees and driving ranges. You see some trees will need to be moved to make Nathan (Lyle’s son) the driving range about which Lyle and CB had talked. I think our conversations will continue to be a way to work out.

CB reminds me of my dad. My dad and I still enjoy doing things together. CB was right. It is important for dads and sons to spend time doing things together. For a brief spell we were dad and son, albeit of others, thankful for time to work out.

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