A Quiverful of Lessons on Sex and Gender in the SBC and Beyond

Emily Hunter McGowin agrees with me. Then she calls upon her experience and education to list several ways where a much more dangerous ideology affect “American evangelical culture and the SBC in partiular.” Read More

Stop with the Antagonizing – An Interview with David Fitch

What if the culture wars merely masked our inherent tendency toward antagonizing others, specifically those with whom we disagree? How might this reveal that we are merely advocating for ourselves rather than showing up faithful to the Way of Christ in the world? Read More

Our Office Is Open, Your’s Should Be Too, Say “No” to Columbus Day

The NFL team from Washington D.C. continues to face the pressure to choose a different mascot. Phil Simms made a personal and public statement when he refused to refer to the Washington team by their traditional referent. But, many with that same sensibility will enjoy a day off today courtesy of Christopher Columbus, he who did not discover America. Read More