Louisiana College

Not Out of Order

Saturday came and with it some sort of bug. Nathan preached Sunday and I perched in my chair. Had I not felt so bad I would have written about he way 4-3 votes represent unanimity. Maybe I would have weighted in on Barna's post-Christian America research and how by … Continue reading

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Louisiana College – Masters of Suspicion

“I can help you go places.” My long-time friend, who is also a pastor, retold a story shared years earlier. He and at least one other were carpooling when his new acquaintance informed him, “You need to know me.” As a self-described redneck country boy, my friend fired … Continue reading

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Louisiana College – The Death of Idealism

Dr. W.A. Criswell wrote one book, Why I Preach the Bible Is Literally True. Others sold, as by him, were either transcribed sermon series or compilation works. Amazon does list an autobiography. When, as a young ministry student and avid book buyer, I learned many authors hire ghostwriters, … Continue reading

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