Palin, Women and Evangelicals

My recent reading in connection with David Fitch‘s and Geoff Holsclaw‘s course, “Readings in Postmodern Philosophy and Theology,” have taken me to reading Irigaray and Kristeva by way of Rebecca Chopp. Since McCain announced his choice of a VP running mate in Sarah Palin, I … Continue reading

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Conflating Purposes And Emphasizing the Wrong Syllable

Learning Greek in college presented the first occasion to take great care when noting the accent. I mean Foxworthy has made a mint “funnin'” people living in “Redneck” states and how they pay little attention to accent – yes and that includes Oklahoma. The emphasis on the accent was … Continue reading

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Dobson’s Increasing Marginalization – Stems from His Own Words

Last week I listened to the now (in)famous radio broadcast of James Dobson taking after Senator Obama. I read a number of references to this interview and most expressed the sentiment they wanted people to know Dobson does not speak for them as Evangelicals nor as Christians. Scot McKnight … Continue reading

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