An Uneasy Agent of the State: Part 3, Pastor as Prophet (Continued)

Where would we be had we taken seriously the reality that marriage as practiced is indeed a civil union? The purview of the State would be clearer and the role of the Christian community would be evident. Read More

An Uneasy Agent of the State: Part 3 – Pastor as Prophet

“You can’t be Christian and support torture,” writes Brian Zhand. And, you can’t pastor if unwilling to be prophetic. Despite the continued effort to make chaplains of pastors, there comes a time when one must wake from slumber. Read More

An Uneasy Agent of the State: Part 1, Prayer As Ceremony

Hello, my name is Todd. I am a professional pray-er. Once it is discovered I am a pastor, no matter the event, I become the de facto pray-er. Read More

Is It Possible for Everyone to Win in the SSM Debate? Bob Hyatt Thinks So

Sometimes we must choose against our natural impulses. In fact, Jesus describes his followers as those who always choose against their normal tendencies when he describes the way of self-denial. We Jesus followers, Christians, tend to think our way of self-denial should be the standard for all others. If we would just be honest about our own lack we might be taken more seriously.

Bob Hyatt thinks there is one last chance for a win-win on the issue of same-sex-marriage (SSM). He appeals to those of us committed to Jesus to recognize how our long held assumptions may need to be subverted by a change of heart.

We have long had a difficult time parsing Church and State issues. For instance we do not want the State inserting itself in religious matters but do not think twice about signing a marriage license issued by the State. We not only sign the license but we note where our credentials to do so are recorded “Book and Page.” Read More