The Edge of the Inside

The first iteration of the blog was, Just Todd, written on the old Blogger platform. I moved from there to Typead. After reading a piece by Father Richard Rohr, I adopted the blog title, The Edge of the Inside and moved to WordPress. Fr. Roher describes the prophetic position as, the edge of the inside. The location in the analogy provides an opportunity to welcome those who are coming and to engage those who are leaving. One may also utter a call to those just outside to consider Jesus is Lord while at the same time calling out the seat of power at the center of whatever group with which one may identify or what category accompany existing relationships. 

The new iteration of the website combines my interest in writing, though not as often as I like, with the opportunity to host a podcast. Here you will find newer and older posts. Over time we change. It is possible you may discover some of those changes if you care to read the older posts.

Thank you for stopping by.

Pastoring, Lasso, and Grace

We do not lasso grace, grace lassos us. From my latest Can We Talk? Last month I was invited to do a breakout session for the Mockingbird Tulsa Conference....

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Museum Pieces

What are a couple of Southern Baptists doing among the Liberals? From my recent Substack, Can We Talk? Taken together, these two events, the question I received in Tulsa...

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Too Many Claiming Christ Are Just Admirers

Following Jesus is different. From my latest Substack newsletter, Can We Talk? He gestures toward the images adorning the ceiling: “I paint all this suffering, but I do not...

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A Threat to Democracy?

From my latest Substack offering, Apply this to the claim that Christians owe no one anything despite the Apostle Paul’s ethical position. It should be easy to see that...

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True Myth

From my recent Substack: Can We Talk? If you are like me, growing up in a Southern Baptist Fundamentalist version of the Christian Faith, any reference to anything in...

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What is the obsession with Beth Moore?

From my latest Substack, We Are Our Own Rorschach Test. My friend Tim once served as a Southern Baptist Youth Minister. He is now an Episcopal Priest. I never...

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The Great Dane Takes Us on a Walk

From my recent Substack post . . . My friend Tripp Fuller and J Aaron Simmons have produced a six-session online course on Kierkegaard. Simmons just rotated off as...

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What in the Mars Hill?

If you are not receiving my substack, you may have missed this . . . Anyone listening to RFMH who thought, “This could never happen to me,” is ripe...

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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

News broke last week of another school shooting. The list of these news reports grows longer and longer. My friend Ken Tanner, who is a pastor in Michigan, describes...

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What’s a Substack?

Over lunch today a friend described a loss of trust. That is, it was once taken for granted that neighbors would look out for each other. For this friend...

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