Does the suit make a person …

The Washingon Post ran an article about a recent photo taken of Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry. Seems some have made this photo taken at NASA an “image” to coincide with Kerry’s assumed far left positions.

I have been watching some of the Democratic National Convention, though a Republican, to see what issues are presented as important. Reading and hearing the scuttle over the use of this picture by those opposed to Kerry and reading and hearing responses by those who support Kerry, leave me wondering who really believes the “suit makes a person.”

We tell our children clothes do not make a person. Hairstyles do not make a person. Body art and piercing do not make a person. Yet, when it comes to adult politics opponents and supporters treat this “suit” as though it makes a statement about the person.

Seems time to grow up. If supporters and opponents cannot get this right. Maybe we need someone else to lead. Otherwise, we will simply be voting for “suits.”