Leave College Football In the Hands of Barry Switzer

Growing up Saturdays in the fall meant Dad and Mom would go to the University of Oklahoma football games. They had end zone seats – the South I think. Occasionally one of us got to tag along. After Patty and I began to date, we attended a game together. … Continue reading

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Super Bowl – An Alternative Opportunity for Churches in the DFW Metro

The Snowpalooza forced me to read up on news and happenings via a few iPad apps (USA Today, Huffington Post, NPR). I do not blame our paper carrier for not getting out to deliver this morning. I just wished that when the weather is perfect for delivery better efforts … Continue reading

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A Second Pair of Starbury’s

Almost a year and a half ago I read an article about Stephan Marbury and his shoe the Starbury. A month later I bought my first pair of Starbury’s for $14.98. Nearly every Friday I play with a group of guys. Initially the look on a few faces … Continue reading

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Close to Home

She asked for prayer for her mother who expressed discouragement over the death of her sister. The issue lay in the number of her siblings left. At 82 she increasingly saw the reality of her own mortality.

Standing to officiate a funeral this past Wednesday, I could not help … Continue reading

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Season ending evaluation … Starbury’s come through just fine …

Starbury_3Leaving the gym last night after our season ending loss in the tournament Jeremy asked, "How about those Starbury’s?" Doubtless I did not put them through the rigors Marbury has or does. Yet, at the end of my first season playing in my Starbury’s I am still and advocate. … Continue reading

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