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Remembering Mr. Mott or, My First Encounter With An Ask-Assertive Teacher

He should not take the blame. I am likely not the only one who took something from Larry Mott during their high school days at Northwest Classen. No, I did not take one of his pens. Read More

Mentors- Get Some: 1 of 20 Looking Back, Looking Ahead Part 2

Philip Brooks wrote that preaching is, “truth conveyed through personality.” Yet, most young preaches are scared of who they are so attempt to emulate another. Who was my choice in those days? W.A. Criswell. Read More

Cohen Alan Live

He knows what he is singing. We don’t. One of these days we will understand what he is singing when he gets his consonants and vowels in an order that reaches our ears. In the meantime, clips of either Cohen or Max are never long enough. Here is our singer and ukulele player in, Cohen Alan Live.

Always good for what ails us.

Excursus: Learning Parties (Soularize) and the Scary Other (In the Hallway)

Soularize Ten – or Soularize 2011 – will be held in San Diego next month. Ironically, my first venture into the hallway with those scary others took place in San Diego. If there were approved reading lists for those of us huddling in our (Southern) Baptist room along C.S. Lewis’ hallway, we also had acceptable conferences to attend. These Pastor’s Conferences were often sponsored by high profile Southern Baptist Pastors at very large churches who viewed the event as if they were Paul encouraging young Timothys. The only other acceptable conferences were of the pragmatic variety often associated with some angle on church growth.

A friend called and said, “How about going to the National Pastor’s Convention (2001) with me in San Diego?” He sent me the information, the link, and expressed his intent to go. Who would not consider San Diego in February? Warm weather. Golf. Old Town. The Piers. First ever stop to a Krispy Kreme. Read More