My New Friend Jim Palmer to be Interviewed

jimpalmer.jpgLance Ford will interview my new friend Jim Palmer tomorrow evening at Shapevine online. The videocast is free. The interview begins at 8:00 p.m. (EST) I read Jim’s Divine Nobodies on the plane home from Soularize and am currently reading his new book, Wide Open Spaces. It would … Continue reading

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Organic Community [Update]

My friend Joe Myers will be interviewed by my new friend and current ETREK Facilitator Sally Morgenthaler. You may catch the interview on Lance Ford’s, another new friend, at 8 p.m. EST. Go to and get in on the interview and engage the conversation via … Continue reading

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Soularize Webcast with “Starfish and the Spider” Author Ori Brafman

Soularize FeedLive Ad

My friend Spencer is putting together another learning party and inviting you to get a taste of things to come …

Soularize Webcast with “Starfish and the Spider” Author Ori Brafman รข?? This Thursday Oct 18, 6pm PST

Join us for a free Soularize FeedLive webcast preview this Thursday … Continue reading

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Meditations from The Hill #6

After a lengthy hiatus, "Meditations from The Hill" returns. I would love to pinpoint the "one" reason for the long spell between podcasts but alas there are too many contributing factors. I hope this is a course correction for those who follow the Lectionary. This podcast is something of … Continue reading

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