Figured it was coming …

In the movie “Cold Mountain”, Inman says, “I’m sure God is weary of being called down on both sides of the argument.” Set during the Civil War, it is an obvious reference to preachers and people on both sides laying claim to be on God’s side or rather having God on their side.

I wonder if there are not times when this statement well describes things today. For quite sometime leaders of the CBF and the SBC have battled one another. Now they would not say that was the case, but the reality is it has been a battle. Some view it as a battle between liberal and fundamentalist or moderate and conservative. Others believe it is basically about the bible. Cynics see it as a battle for power and control. Skeptics sense it is about money. It has moved beyond dialogue – that does not happen when you have assumed control. It has become vendetta.

Let’s make the CBF pay for what they have done to “us.” Vindictiveness does not fit the love for one another Jesus calls us to.

Let’s aggravate the SBC for how they treated “us.” Vincictiveness does not fit the love for one another Jesus calls us to.

I too sense God may be weary of being called down on both sides of the argument. If he is not, I am weary of the whole thing.

A response worth looking for …

Over the last few years there has been an attempt to understand and succintly draw some conclusions about the cultural shift taking place in our world – we used to say in our Country but it can no longer be limited so. Often people respond dismissively when they do not understand a given subject. Other times they react with vigor and venom – a railing if you will.

In my position I have been want to find in one place a sort of summary of how I have come to understand what is taking place and how I feel about it. (I understand that I now have violated one of the cardinal rules of blogging – limit the use of “I.” However, I am offering commentary on myself. Soon I will break another rule by embedding a link rather than state the case myself.) Someone who has had a similar background, is a bit older – and maybe wiser, and continues ot pastor in the midst of huge shifts in theolgocial reflection and understanding while still holding high the power of the gospel of Christ offers a great statement. Albeit a response to an article by Chuck Colson, it does a good job of giving a helpful perspective. So here’s to Brian – great job!