A New Series: 20 for 20 Looking Back and Ahead

From last Sunday’s sermon, or at least in my notes,  . . .

No doubt their have been times when you and I have looked at one another and wondered, “When will it end?” I really hope not. But, I am a realist that it could be. And you

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What Is A Christian To Do About Refugees?

My grandboys call me Doc, or PaPa Doc. The nickname may have come when Nathan and I met and began working on staff together. “Hey Doc,” would begin a sentence or question. Our girls thought that would be a cute distinction between their “Grandpas.”… Continue reading

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Maybe the Best Question from a 5th Grader

Pastor for more than 25 years and there is no end to the questions one might receive from a young person. Over the years you become accustomed to questions about Heaven, Hell, pets, and other existential queries any normal elementary age child might ask.… Continue reading

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We Talk Too Much About Hobby Lobby – There Are Greater Dangers

Embarrassed. A friend and I had two rather lengthy conversations about the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the Hobby Lobby case.… Continue reading

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Pastors Need to Sweat – And Not Just On the Treadmill of Ministry

“It’s not good for a preacher to sweat,” said Jerry with a curled up grin beneath his reddish mustache. That was twenty-five years ago.… Continue reading

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