Cohen Alan

Friday Photo – Two of Our (four) Boys

Daddy’s of daughters gain sons when they marry. We hope for that person who loves and appreciates them as we do. Our two sons-in-love have taken to our family like ducks to water. Anyone who knows me, and to a much lesser degree Patty, might figure that to be a challenge. This Daddy absolutely loves his girls. And, those boys know they better!

Imagine going from two girls to four boys. That is our family. Here is a shot of two of our four at North Clear Creek Falls. We enjoyed a trip to Colorado in July. The other two could not go with us. So what will we do? Take them later this month. Yes, of course, Tommie will go too.

Patty and I are enjoying all four of our boys, though the two smallest get most of the attention.

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Shades of A Different Kind – Cohen Two Years Today!

Two years ago this morning, we had no idea what turn of events would await us come afternoon. After a visit to the doctor we learned they were admitting Kimberly. Read More

Ring Around Cousin

I just learned my cousin Diane had her first grandchild – Tillie Diane. Congratulations! We had both the grands over for lunch Sunday. Cohen and Max were about to leave when a game of “Ring Around Cousin” broke out.


Friday Photos – Cohen and Max at the Hatchery

Patty and I sat and visited with a couple who retired to Forsyth, Missouri. They had visited the area on their honeymoon 62 years ago. My family has not been vacationing on Lake Taneycomo for 62 years. But we have been making the Ozark trek for nearly 50 years. Somewhere along the way we visited the hatchery where they breed and release thousands of Trout. We did not go to the hatchery every year, but when we did we looked forward to feeding the Trout at the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery at Table Rock Lake Dam.

We took an afternoon and took the grandsons, their parents, and great-grandparents. Here are a couple of shots of them in their strollers.


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Cohen Doing Whatever It Is

We enjoy Cohen and Max. Sunday afternoon we went to the Myriad Gardens to explore the Children’s Area and the Thunder Fountain. After an initial timidness, Cohen took to the Thunder Fountain with enthusiasm. I could not help but think about a couple of other videos shot along the way. Together they remind us of hope and possibility. We can’t wait to take both the boys to frolic in the water next summer.