Max Nolen

Cohen Doing Whatever It Is

We enjoy Cohen and Max. Sunday afternoon we went to the Myriad Gardens to explore the Children’s Area and the Thunder Fountain. After an initial timidness, Cohen took to the Thunder Fountain with enthusiasm. I could not help but think about a couple of other videos shot along the … Continue reading

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Max In Stripes

Today, Max Nolen is five months old. He recently returned from his first road trip to West Plains. By all accounts it was tolerable but he is not so much the car seat fan for the long haul. We will share a road trip with Max soon. His first … Continue reading

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Happy Three Months Max!

Time got away. Yesterday Max turned 3-Months old. Here is the little-not-so-little guy hanging out on the porch with Grammy a couple of weeks ago. There are several pictures on the inter webs of Max on his three-month day. I may get to Skype with Max this evening. Enjoy. … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – He Loves Different Textures

Cohen loves the feel of different textures. Maybe it is his way of exploring. When he sits with me in my recliner he love to scratch the texture of the wall. On occasion you can find him scratching the plastic cup holder of his wagon.  His favorite texture is … Continue reading

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I See You – Tuesday Special

“Yes, I see you.

The one with the needle.

Careful how you wield that prickly steel.

That’s my grandson.”

Today Max is two months old today. Every two-month old should look forward to shots. Right?… Continue reading

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