Christmas As Therapy for the Church

Would Christian churches cancel services on Easter Sunday? Are you kidding? That would be akin to the United States canceling Independence Day celebrations. Question many Christians’ celebration of those two events and said group would “Occupy” in a way that would make the Arab Spring merely a blip on the radar of history. In some circles you need but question Independence Day celebrations on Sunday to experience a plague of Mosaic proportions. Just ask my “former-pastor” brother.

Yet, for at least two months, Christian churches have considered what to do about services when Christmas falls on Sunday. Ed Stetzer began crowd sourcing on his blog on October 27. “What does your church plan to do?” Research conducted by Lifeway noted that at least 90% of pastors surveyed were planning worship on Christmas Day this Sunday.

The thought of not having services on Christmas never crossed my mind. Read More

Sans the MacBook

What happens when the keyboard and trackpad lock up on the MacBook Pro? A trip to the Genius Bar and the hope it will be fixed by tomorrow.

Will enjoy the limited technology of the iPad until then. 🙂

State Questions in Oklahoma

Ernest offers some advice for Oklahomans to consider before Tuesday when we consider State Question 775.

Friday Photo on Saturday

Waiting On a Meal

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