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America Is In Trouble …

The brochure reads, “America Is In Trouble.” It just hit my desk today. You may recall the words of Billy Graham a number of years ago that if America did not repent, God would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. Regular “prophetic” voices urge a “return” to God. … Continue reading

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The Disciple’s Prayer …

Ever watch young boys walk around with their fathers? Careful observation reveals an illustration of what we would call “monkey see, monkey do.” A few years ago I recall watching a young boy walk alongside his father. You could tell they were father and son by the similarity of … Continue reading

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New read …

The flight from Denver to OKC did not provide enough room to work on the laptop. I read instead. An editor suggested Donald Miller’s, Blue Like Jazz. I’ll have a link to the book through Amazon later today.

I made it through about 50 pages before a conversation … Continue reading

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Left behind …

Sorry, not a commentary on the ever popular Tim LaHaye series, not even connected.

I spoke with a friend of mine from college days. We roomed together at OBU. He still plays a little basketball as do I. Playing after 40 is both fun and difficult. There were days … Continue reading

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What language do you speak …

Language presents some interesting conundrums. “Conundrum” – a paradoxical, insoluable, or difficult problem; a dilemma.” We play games with language. “What did you mean by that?” expresses -an interogative question to clarify a statment. Arguments often stem from the collision of one’s world of language with that of another. … Continue reading

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