Father Time, Spurgeon, and Life or, Another Way to View Life and the Future

Monday on one of our local sports talk radio stations, The Sports Animal, a guest remarked, "Father Time is undefeated." Pundits often talk about the future of older athletes once a given season ends. Payton Manning served as the illustration for the talk show guest. How an athlete leaves his or her sport depends. (more…)


Selma and the History Debate or, Life Is Rarely, If Ever, Univocal

When I told John he should go see Selma he followed his intentions to do so with, "What do you think about the controversy about misrepresenting President Lyndon B. Johnson in the film?" (more…)


More Than Jeremaids or, John On the Edge

Cataloging your list of woes is not the same as doing something about a problem. Sometimes it seems Christians spend more time complaing about things as they are rather than taking an action to influence the world as it should become. (more…)


Common In/Equality In Selma or, A Seat at the Diner But No Burger

All human beings may be created equal. Not all people experience equality. Selma reminds us that our not too distant past is littered with dubious illustrations of this common reality. (more…)


Number . . . Happy Birthday Patty

I did it. I bought a gallon of stuff peddled by a traveling sales person. Miracle cleaner I tell you. At least when the fellow demonstrated it to me it worked. That was some twenty-five years ago. (more…)

I Thought Most Pastors Were Short Timers

I Thought Most Pastors Were Short Timers

That is what they told me. They were the denominational representatives at a Placement Breakfast for seminary graduates in 1988. “Every week in Oklahoma there are a dozen staff members who leave and another twelve that begin at a new place,” the fellow I came to know remarked. Twenty-four staff changes any given week. Those…Read More

New Project for Life – Remembering Ashkelon

New Project for Life – Remembering Ashkelon

We met the Garner’s almost three years ago. We sat in the NICU at OU Medical. Kam and Cohen both were born premature. After about four weeks you feel like family. Not everyone who waited there shares our story. The obstacles to many born early are insurmountable. But, we all prayed for, pulled for, cheered…Read More

Treyvon, a Legal System, and the Justice To Come

Treyvon, a Legal System, and the Justice To Come

Dave Miller encouraged readers at SBC Voices to avoid going Nancy Grace in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict when giving an opinion. Greg Horton only weighed in because his answer to a question was too long. (R) Al Mohler reminds readers a tragedy still remains. Marty Duren chides Christians for accepting confirmation bias.…Read More

Frank Schaeffer, Cycle of Life, and What Matters

Frank Schaeffer, Cycle of Life, and What Matters

“See, I will listen to Dad,” said the pediatrician as she put her stethoscope to my chest. She did not know I am Grandpa, not Dad. Generally my weekly schedule is flexible. Should Kimberly or Tommie need me to go with them and one of the Grands to their pediatrician appointment, I can get away.…Read More

Lift the Cuban Embargo – Glad for Some Baptist Voices

Lift the Cuban Embargo – Glad for Some Baptist Voices

When the SBC voted a resolution inviting its constituency to boycott Disney it was a selective action. The tentacles of the corporate giant reached into places many hardly realized as they raised hands agreeing to abstain from watching, buying, or going to anything Disney. That was 1997. Eight years later the SBC dropped the boycott.…Read More

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