Reflections from Sunday – Jesus Critiques the Church Cultus?

Monday often leave me thinking about the Sunday sermon. I imagine it is normal. Did I communicate well? What could I have said better? What do I wish I would have included? How will the experience with the text inform, influence, the communities interaction with the text this coming Sunday?

I cannot help but think that Mark 12 assaults the way the religious world worked for those growing up under the shadow of the Temple. We may not be surprised by the questions Jesus faces in the Controversy Narratives if we look forward to Jesus announcement about the end of the Temple in Mark 13.

Our reading sometimes privileges our relationship to the text. What were they thinking?, often betrays that were we living in Jesus’ day the thinking of the people might be our own. Just look at how hard it is for the disciples to extricate themselves from the same thinking habits. Surely they need ongoing repentance. Read More