It Can’t Go Without Saying

Early this morning the local weather prognosticator provided the temperature pattern for the first 14 days of October. Generally we are dry and still longing for cooler temps. That it seemed summer was hanging on at the first of October was evident. Temperatures were well above normal.

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Can Never Repay . . . But Will Appreciate

My parents demonstrate generosity in a variety of ways. Over the years they have taken in young people who needed someone to show support and encouragement. Sacrificially they provided sundry needs. When it comes to their family they are always on the ready to help in any way they … Continue reading

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Surprised at Dinner – Blessed

A few weeks ago Glenn planned to take our staff to dinner – he and Jeanene. We set the date and then discovered I would be out of town so we rescheduled to last evening. Glenn and Jeanene dabble in antiques. They often reserve booth space at Affair of Continue reading

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