When In Romans: A Conversation with Beverly Gaventa and Jason Micheli

Many people only know John 3:16. Explaining the importance of John’s use of the word sign requires too much work. After all, if anything we know of recent events, signs and symbols point to different things for different people. … Continue reading

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Open Carry: No Need for Guns for Justice

A friend and I have been kicking around the idea of putting together, The Golden Calf Network. We would keep a careful eye on Christian culture and see what gets the ire up. … Continue reading

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Careful, It’s Slippery Out There or, Fear the Slopes – featuring a Guest Post

Many families take a trip to the ski slopes for Spring Break. The hope is for a good base of snow, lots of sun, and no injuries. When making arguments it is a good idea to hope for the same. … Continue reading

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Is Disagreement the Air We Breathe?

Over the weekend Mitt Romney announced and introduced his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan. Quickly the debate stirred over the quality of the selection. Time will only intensify the discussion. What is unmistakeable is that disagreement will remain front and center.

I caught the tale end of a radio … Continue reading

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