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Jon over at ASBO Jesus offered this cartoon.

I could not help but think about this use of a Scripture reference,

“Among other things, it means speaking the truth in love and not being called a racist when you are the bearer of uncomfortable truths. True racial reconciliation

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It may not have been silent … but it was “holy”

I have offered a podcast and a video reflecting on the Christmas Hymn/Carol, “Silent Night.” In light of the upcoming fourth Sunday of Advent and the celebration of the Incarnation, I am glad to agree it was a “holy night.”


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Missing Jesus in a Heap of Trivialities

I recall reading Dallas Willard suggesting we have lost Jesus in a heap of trivialities. While we worry about what we might lose in an economic recession, government bailouts, and the election of one of the proffered candidates, we miss those Jesus loves most.

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