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Dynamics of Healthy Missional Community – Biblical Seminary

About the time I think I am ready to write a book, I read what I was thinking already published. Call me slow. Maybe it is the temptation to delay finality on a subject. After all, learning is an ongoing experience in spite of references to “terminal degrees.” On … Continue reading

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No Objectivists – Through a Glass Dimly

My friend David Dunbar, President of Biblical Seminary, offered an article in his recent edition of his Missional Journal. I could not help but think Dave offered a way of describing the missional turn as a turn to root theology in the mission of God. Rather than use missional … Continue reading

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Missional Youth Ministry, Biblical Seminary, Mark Riddle

Missional Youth Ministry? Could that be a nuance on the recent trend of hyphenated expressions of Christianity? Would this simply be another way to re-invigorate ministry to youth? Maybe it is nothing more than capitalizing on the most recent buzzword to stir interest? Not if you are thinking about … Continue reading

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