Friday Photo – Searching

A few months ago I discovered professional photographer Scott Bourne. I like his articles and podcast at Photofocus. Scott spent his winter in Florida, or some of it. I have really enjoyed his photography of birds in various settings. In fact on his recent post offers a sunset photo with what looks like a Pelican in flight. My photo this week is also of  Pelican in flight over the causeway near Madeira Beach, FL. The group of Pelicans were searching for the scraps being tossed as fresh fish were prepped at a nearby restaurant. Now you understand the title of the photo – “Searching.” Read More

Friday Photo – Perched

Last week Patty and me spent a few days at Madeira Beach, Florida in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. We have family in the area and my parents have been enjoying an extended vacation near the beach. We took some time at John’s Pass. You could call it a touristy boardwalk with shops and restaurants. Pelicans abound. Flying high and low. Here are a couple of the birds we saw as they flew in for the scraps offered by a young man preparing fresh fish for cooking.

We really enjoyed our time. Who knows, this may become a regular trip. Nothing beats the beach when a “snowpalooza” threatens the OKC metro!

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Friday Photo

Shawn Skaggs offered a tweet yesterday that he would be staying home in light of the “icenado and blizzmageddon” bearing down on Oklahoma. Fortunately in our specific area we did not lose power.

In a lull from the freezing rain I put out some food for our feathered friends. You can see how the ice has collected on our suet feeder. I have been trying to get a shot of the House Finch as it forages on the ground but no good shot yet. Read More