Lyle Thought He Had It Rough . . . Until Bonhoeffer

Earlier today I listened to my friend Chris Seay’s sermon from this past Sunday. I admit, I do not listen to many. Maybe I should. Seay quoted Miroslav Volf who questioned how well someone in the West, think Western Europe and America, “gets” suffering and its cause radical … Continue reading

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The Excluded Middle, the Ignored Edge, and The Battle for the Empire in the SBC

The Ring of Fire just gave us a tectonic shift punishing Japan with a devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake. Tsunami waves washed over acres of land, destroying property and killing people. There will no doubt be someone with an Internet connection firing up the keyboard to announce that Japan suffered Continue reading

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Self Thought – Thoughts from The Edge

In this week’s edition of Thoughts from The Edge, Todd offers thoughts on Romans 12:1-8 connecting Bonhoeffer’s Life Together, Ben Lee’s “We Are All In This Together”, and Facebook’s “Friend Wheel.”… Continue reading

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