To Come . . . A Friday Photo

We checked off one event on Patty’s Bucket List. Speculation that this year’s foliage on the Talamena Drive would rival many in recent years prompted us to take the drive. We were not disappointed. Everywhere you turned a vista broke through the trees, came alive in the valleys, or … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Colors at Drury and Eyelashes in Bark

I know. Where is this week’s photo of Cohen Alan. The last couple of weeks we have not had as much time for Grammy’s imagination. But, that will change soon.

While we wait, here are a couple of photos from our trip to Springfield, MO last month. Many of … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Alone

I still have not processed all of our photos from our Alaska trip. Scrolling through them I spotted this one from the Rain Forrest Photography walk. There were quite a few places along the way to settle in to the stillness afforded us on the trail. The varieties of … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Butterflies

I was chatting with Ron the other day. He and Debbie will be taking an Alaskan cruise this year. We talked about taking the camera. Ron has been taking photos for quite some time. Thinking about our trip last September I pulled out some of the shots taken in … Continue reading

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