Consumer Confessions

Michael Toy offers some great thoughts and a confession on consumerism, the Church, and America – and himself. Surely this could be any of us. Maybe.… Continue reading

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Waste Not, Want Not – Chris Jordan Photo Series

I ran across this photo series thanks to Tony Jones. While we are debating the effects of a stimulus package, health care reform, and the environment. How about a respite for some photo reality. Could it be we consume ourselves to a fault? And then, we wonder, “How … Continue reading

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Sharing the Consequences of Our Love of Stuff

I remember Black Monday. We lived in Dallas. We had not money to invest. We did not lose anything in Black Monday. My mentor talked about the effects of that day. No one wants to lose money so when the market “crashed” there was plenty of mourning. It … Continue reading

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Reason to Re-Think Consumerism

We have been suggesting people re-consider Black Friday and the whole consumeristic atmosphere around Christmas. Touting the Advent Conspiracy, Heifer International among other options we want to subvert this kind of tragedy.

(HT: Michael via Twitter and Mark)… Continue reading

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