Do the Next Right Thing: King’s Legacy as Metaphor with Adam Clark

Guilt paralyzes. We suffer beneath the weight of what we have done. The mental and emotional real estate guilt takes up in our lives often leaves us handicapping our next decision.… Continue reading

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Don’t Eat the Red Herring or, Let’s Keep the Conversation Going in the Same Direction

My friend Don once told me, “Don’t eat the blue food.” Don worked in Dallas and often visited the local “roach coach.” For those of you born before the advent of the Food Truck craze, the “roach coach” was its precursor. Consider it a mobile food vendor. Don said, … Continue reading

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Learning from the Wilsons or, Scanning Is Different from Reading

I am bracing myself. Jeff notified me SBC Voices would be running another guest post derived from my series, Ruled Out of Order. The stand alone post carries the title, Needed: Prophets Not Protectors. It is my renamed Part 2. It posted midday last Friday.

There were … Continue reading

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