What Would Thad Do?

I am no plumber. In fact, every time I think of doing something outside of my vocation, pastor, I hear Jerry’s words, “It’s hard on a preacher to sweat.” This coming from a strapping fellow accustomed to hauling hay, cutting calves, and planting cotton. Read More

Glad You Were Born – Happy Birthday Day

I don’t recall which friend uses the line, “Glad you were born,” as a way of saying, “Happy Birthday.” But I like it. Read More

Where Did I Get That? Happy Birthday Dad

Some pastors enjoy the privilege of their parents being part of their church family. I do. Some fifteen years ago my Dad drove out to our house. He had a question. Would it bother me if he and Mom joined our church? I responded that it would not bother me if it did not bother them that their son was the pastor.

Neither Dad nor my Mom wanted to create an awkward position by their presence. The question reflected their desire to find a place to call home and fit in without privilege. They would indeed dig in and work. Dad is a Deacon in our church and teaches an adult Bible Study group. Mom has worked with Youth from my earliest memories and remains connected.

A few Sunday evenings ago we had finished our adult Bible Study. Walking back toward the office Dad asked a question related to our study. He never asks simple questions. Read More

It’s the Economy or, A Piratic Snowclone to Challenge the Church

I love neologisms. Reading up on the origins of the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid,” I ran across a reference to snowclones. It occurred to me that this phrase could be used to describe how the phrase could function to alert us to the subtle way the economy often influenced and influences the Church more than our stated commitments to the way of Jesus. And, yes I am guilty too.

Twenty years ago James Carville’s leaked internal memo revealed an angle the Bill Clinton campaign would use to unseat George H.W. Bush. Some of you may remember the phrase that seemed to encapsulate it all, “The economy, stupid.” The leaked phrase morphed into the public vocabulary as, “It is the economy, stupid.” Not much has changed.

Today it appears no one is willing to make the mistake of ignoring the economy. Neither President Obama nor Mitt Romney is willing to go all ostrich on the issue of American life that pervades nearly every conversation. Read More

Thunder Win Bores Barkley – Maybe He Needs a Beard Like Harden

I stayed up to see how Sir Charles would break down the Thunder win over the Lakers. He seemed disgusted. I think he said, “No one stayed up to watch this. We should go home right now.” I realize the series is long from over. And since my Dad and Tripp Fuller will be cheering on the Lakers we should not count the series done.

Thunder fans have longed for the silent Charles. It is funny to listen to the mantra, “They are a jump shooting team.” Funny thing is, what team doesn’t shoot jump shots? Kobe took plenty but did not score so well. The player formerly known as Ron Artest hit a couple of early 3’s but cooled off for much of the rest of the game. I understand the game. Charles believes you cannot win without an inside game. He may be right. But, teams get to the paint in different ways. Thunder fans always “Cheer the Beard.”

I watched this video and thought maybe Sir Charles needs a beard like Harden. Read More