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The Value of Religion, Choosing Ignorance, and Identifying Arguments: An Interview with Greg Horton

Recently Villanova hosted an event titled, The End of Religion. Greg Horton believes the end of Religion reporting by newspapers like The Dallas Morning News and the Orlando Sentinel, represent a step backwards in getting a handle on important news, local and global.… Continue reading

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“Don’t Be Like Jesus” – Inverting WWJD (Pt. 2)

Thoughts about Evangelicals and Election 2012 prompted my recent feature column for the Tuttle Times. Over the span of about a month I responded to a series of interview requests on the subject of Election 2012. First, I responded to email questions for a piece in The Oklahoma Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Head In The [You Fill In the Blank]

I thought this might be a good political photo. Who knows what statement the owner intends. You may have a caption you would suggest. If you do, leave it in the comments.

If we stay with politics I wonder how John Stewart would utilize this photo.

Yesterday I received … Continue reading

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