Fear the Jones – Where Do You Get Your Information?

We have all been guilty. Our self-selected source of authority on a given subject speaks and with something like blind acceptance we believe it all, proverbially hook-line-and-sinker. Ed Stetzer recently tweeted a long assumed quote from St. Francis was bogus. Many, like myself, offered an attributed quote to St. … Continue reading

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Theology and Context – Bob “Good Point” Hyatt

N.T. Wright uses the “steering wheel” to make some good points about justification in his new book, Justification: God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision. Arguing for reading the words translated “righteousness” in the Old and New Testaments in their historic contexts, Wright suggests we may have found a shorthand … Continue reading

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Torture and Christ Following – Evangelicals Suffering

We always enjoyed a good game of football on our block. There were not many of us but Mike was older and he made a great “all time” quarterback for the games we younger fellows played. Occasionally Mike would think it cool to “torture” us. Sure, we may have … Continue reading

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