Ben Cole on the Economy and the Election

My friend Ben Cole showed up at Associated Baptist Press with an opinion piece. Most know Ben has an opinion about most everything. He is a skilled writer, voracious reader and student of leadership. In this piece Ben takes a look at the economy from some interesting angles … Continue reading

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Politics of Fear?

You cannot keep up with the speculation as to where the economy in the Unites States is headed. Either we are going to see the rebound nearly eveyrone hopes for or we will sink ever deeper into the maliase we currently face. Mark offers regular short posts on a … Continue reading

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Bailing on the Bailout

David has an interesting post up about the recently defeated “Bailout Bill.” There are some interesting takes. Charlie gave me a copy of a Time article which basically asserted that the Gordon Gecko comment was/has been the Wall Street philosophy. When it comes home to roost it is another … Continue reading

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