Election 2012

Conservatives Need Love Too

We slipped to number 3. Wyoming and Utah pushed Oklahoma down to number three as the reddest State in the Country after Election 2012. Reading Tweets and Facebook status updates by some friends and acquaintances left me wondering if we did not need to offer interventions.

The consistent consolation sounded like a therapist had suggested better self-talk, “Just remember, God is on his throne.” Post after post seemed to offer a variation on this mantra. I wonder if anyone realizes how this sounds? Defeated. Distraught. I am pretty sure the Apostle Paul did not have an election in a Democratic Republic in mind when he wrote,

We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair, persecuted, but not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed; always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies.

I realize the polarization of the Country and the conflict Christians, at least many conservative Christians, felt choosing between President Obama and Governor Romney. Read More

Block and Brueggemann on the Election

My friend Travis interviews Peter Block and Walter Brueggemann on Democrats and Republicans and Meaningless Narratives.

Dwight McKissic and His Candidate of Choice

Black. Southern Baptist. Pastor. Alone these words seem simple descriptions. Tied together – Black Southern Baptist Pastor – the same words produce irony. We would only need a good Southern Baptist historian, maybe Bart Barber, to help us learn the historical scandal of such a description. They do exist. My friend Dwight McKissic is a Black Southern Baptist Pastor.

Lost amidst a recent piece Dwight penned and then was reposted at SBC Voices seems to be this nugget,

For those who ask, how can President Obama be a Christian and hold non-Christian views on abortion and gay marriage?: The answer is the same way Anglo Baptists/Evangelical slaveholders were Christians but wrong about slavery and denying women the right to vote. Make no mistake about it:  President Obama and the Democrats are wrong on the issues of gay marriage and abortion. But just as Billy Graham is willing to declassify Mormonism as a cult in order to promote Romney, Blacks have prioritized economic and justice issues in order to elevate poor and historically oppressed people.

McKissic is calling for a more robust Christian vision for all of life. Read More

Just When You Thought . . .

The matter of choice cuts both ways. Here is an interesting thought from Sam Holloway at Church of the Bad News. I was tipped off by my college friend Guy Rittger. And, you will be glad to know in his most recent post, Sam critiques boycotting Election 2012 – which I never had thought I was advocating but he has a point – as it must be accompanied by something more concrete and constructive. He pushed me more toward a third party candidate to be sure.

It’s a clear demonstration that millions of us are willing to allow atrocities to be visited upon others as long as our own privileges are left more or less intact. We don’t care how many foreign brown children Obama exterminates as long as the wealthier among us still has access to health care, abortions, etc. Let’s be clear– I’m not suggesting those are trivial issues. However, if you accept a situation where you have access and others don’t, then you are reducing these basic human rights to privileges. The same goes for your right to due process; if you tolerate Obama’s extrajudicial killings, then you are saying that life is a privilege that you deserve and that others do not. In addition to being morally reprehensible, this approach leaves you open to having your own privilege (to health, security, life, etc.) revoked at any time.

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Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

It all started with a comment. Rick Davis, a.k.a. Aintsobad, continues to offer his reflections on the current election cycle – Election 2012. Soon he will be found at a new location on the interwebs but we will work to make him easily accessible for those of you who have come to enjoy his writing and our little skirmish over the merits of voting for the franchise.

The truth is I have been reading David Fitch since taking an online class with he and Geoff Holsclaw. David often writes on the politics of the Church in relationship to popular culture. He sits squarely in the Anabaptist Tradition and applies a bit of his own radical revisioning to the mission of God in the world. The good Canadian living in Chi-town mixes it up with his regular reading of the current popular Continental Philosophers. As such he may be blamed for thinking about different ways to say “No” to the power structures institutionalize disadvantaging “the other.”

Thinking through my own reading and sense of now to address the current political decisions, I left a comment at Aintsobad that was picked up as anarchist and chaositist. Read More